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You can view the rental agreement in its entirety here. However, of particular note, please observe the following:

  1. Motorcycle fuel tanks are full when the customer picks up the bike and the fuel tank must be full upon return. Fuel cost, staff time and inconvenience charge will be assessed if the fuel tank is not full upon return.
  2. We only hold copies of your ID and a damage deposit amount  depending on what model bike you rent.
  3. Do not allow anyone to make repairs to the bike unless agreed to by us upon notification to us. If the bike is damaged during a ride, let us know and let us guide you to repairs. If unauthorized repairs are made, we may charge you for correcting the improper repairs on the bike.
  4. Deposits to hold a bike for a reservation are not refundable unless you contact us prior to the cancellation and we can determine that we have not lost revenue to other sources. If you do need to cancel a reservation, let us know as soon as you know so we can work to make sure your deposit can be refunded. If your cancellation has cost us revenue from other sources, we reserve to right to withhold all or part of your deposit.
  5. Our bikes are allowed outside Thailand but only when accompanied by a CRBIGBIKERENTALS representative.
  6. Third party insurance is supplied by us.


Full Contract

(1) The lessee must provide a valid passport and valid ID, at least two or three peices, which can be in the form of Drivers license, Credit card, Birth certificate etc. (2) The damage deposit and rental fees most be paid in full on the first rental day. (3) Lessee’s passport, copy only and damage deposit will be held during the rental period. (4) All bikes are insurance and registered with a third partyinsurance in case of damages.The third party insurance covers only third parties, the lessee would be responsible for the damages to the bike they are riding. (5) We recommend that the lessee, him/her secure insurance befor leaving there home country. (6) The lessee shall hire the bike for themselves only. The bike cannot be sub rented or borrowed to another person. The lessee is the only person covered under the rental contract. (7) The lessee must take care of the bike as his own property. (8) The lessee will not be returned and money other than damage deposit in case of early return. (9) In case of accident and what ever happened to the lessee, the bike or any third party, the lesse agrees never to engage Chiang Rai Big Bike Co. LTD for rent and/or the bike’s owner. This matter is the lessee’s responsiblity. (10) If the lessee is in any way breac of contract, the lessor reserves the right to terminate this contract immediately with out any prior notification, also the lessor reserves the right to claim the full charge amount. Any disagreement of this contract, would be handled according to the law.

The vehicle is covered by thirdparty insurance. This covers damages to a third party as defined by law. Further more.The lessee agrees by this contract to respect all clauses andconditions. ○ The lessee also agrees to make their best effort to protect the Lessor interest in the event of accident during the rental periocd and in particular: ○ To declare to the lessor, as soon as possible, any accident theft or incident. ○ To mention all the circumstances, date and location of the accident. ○ To record all information of any witnesses if any, any and all information of a third party and turn over said information to the lessor. ○ To assist in any police report. ○ To not deal with the third party about the damages relative to the accident or it’s consequences.

The non respect to anyone of the obligations described in the contract will lead to loss of insurance coverage.
The lessee agrees not to allow any other person than the one accredited by the lessor to drive the vehicle. The lessee also agrees not to use or let the vehicle be used. (A) For competitions and driving tests, even on a closed circuit, except in the case of
writen consent by the lessor. (B) By himself/herself or any other person under the influence of alcohol or drugs. (C) For the transportation of illegal goods or for the transportation of people other than that specified in the contract. (D) The lessee can not transport more than two persons. This includes the driver.

The lessee/driver are criminally liable for breach of law while driving the vehicle. The lesse allows the lessor to provide there identity to police upon request for investigation purposes only. The vehicle can only be used in the territory of Thailand. If the vehicle is to be used out side of Thailand, then the insurance coverage from Thailand agencies does not apply. If the lessee wishes to travel outside of Thailand, then specific documents must be prepared.

(A) Keep the vehicle protected against theft or damage when the vehicle is not being used. Keep the keys with them at all times. (B) To return the keys and all documentation to the lessor. If the keys, documents and vehicle are not returned the lessee will be held liable for all costs regarding this matter. (C) Never sell this contract, neither sell or mortgage the vehicle or equipment.
Any violation to any of these engagements allows the lessor to recover restitution of the vehicle without delay.

The lessee agrees to have received the vehicle in good running and clean condition. The lesse will be held accountable for any damages other than what is regarded to asnormal wear and tear.
The lessor reserves the right to ask for one month rental rate if the vehicle is damaged beyond ride ability, this is over and above the cost of repairs. If repairs have been made and completed before the one month has expired the remaining amount of the deposit will be returned to the lessee.

The applicable rental rates are the ones in use at the time of signing.The rental fee is due in full at the time of signing. If the lessee wishes to keep the vehicle longer than specified in the contract, the lesse must inform the lessor immediately to abtain permission and to arrange payment for said extention if it is possible.
The lessee agrees to bring back the vehicle at the specified time stated in the contract. If the vehicle is returned later than specified with out our permission, the lessee will be charged accordingly.

The lessee is responsible for all damages to the vehicle. In case the cost of damages,
after indemnification of a liable third party, if existing, is under the deposit amount, the deposit will provide the amount. If not then the lessee will be responsible for the remaining amount. In case of theft or total write off, the maximum payout for any bike and equipment would be 100 % of the book value of the vehicle and or equipment and not 100% of the replacement value. Max pay out per model.This would be dependent on what model your riding. Versys 650cc 290000 baht. Ninja 650cc 250000 baht. ER6-N 250000 baht. Vulcan S 650cc 270000 baht CB500X 190000 baht. FORZA 300cc 150000 baht. CRF 250cc 110000 baht. D tracker 250cc 110000 baht. PCX 150cc 65000 baht. Filano 125cc 50000 baht. Keep in mind these are maximum payout figures. FUEL / OIL /kilometers (A) The feul/oil costs are solely the responsibility of the lessee during the rental period. The lessor will provide the vehicle with all fluid levels full. (B) The vehicle must be returned with all fluid levels as they were when the vehicle was rented. If the fluid levels are not full, then the lessee will be charged. (C) The lessee is permitted the travel not more than 300 km per 1 day rental. (D) The lessee is permitted to travel not more than 1500 km per 1 week rental. (E) The lessee is permitted to travel not more than 3000 km for 3 week rental. (F) The lessee is permitted to travel not more than 4000 km for 1 month rental. (G) Each km over the limit will be charged 5 baht Per km. (H) lessee must check fluid levels are full. If the lessee has to top up, they can retain recipe for full refund from the lessor. (I) If the lessee fails to check fluid levels and damage occurs as a result then the lessee is responsible for the cost of repairs.

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