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Chiang Rai Big Bike Rental is a professionally run company with customer service at the forefront of its operational philosophy. We maintain dependable equipment, the most popular models and provide personal service to each of our customers. Thank you for visiting our website. We look forward to serving you and helping you to acquire some wonderful experiences and memories in Thailand.

What are your equipment needs; where do you want to go? We offer sport bikes, touring bikes and dirt /trail bikes. In addition to the bikes, we offer the equipment you may need to complete your journey safely and comfortably, including safety gear, luggage, GPS and helmet communication devices. How big is your group; do you need extra support during your visit? We offer a pickup truck support vehicle if you think you will require one for your food and clothing, camera and video equipment or camping gear.

Scenic Views of Thailand Are you new to the north and need some guidance on what is worth seeing? Ask. We have extensive experience in the roads and sites of the north. Need a guide to accompany you? We can provide one that knows the area and the culture. Need pick-up at the Chiang Rai International airport? Let us know, we will be there. We hope you're getting the idea now; we are a full service company, dedicated to making your trip convenient, memorable and enjoyable.

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